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Yoga and the four (or five) elements

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

According to the teachings of yoga, five elements constitute our existence in the universe as we know it:





... and SPACE (the fifth element)

In this post, we will dive a bit deeper into each of them and how they relate to yoga philosophy.

Element: Earth (Prithivi) -

Connections with the yoga philosophy:

  • Chackra: Muladhara, 1st chackra.

  • Kosha: Annamayakosha, the physical body.

  • Keywords: Solidity, Stability, Grounding.

How to connect:

  • Barefoot walks outside.

  • Spend some time gardening.

  • Hug a tree - yes, it is great!

Asanas to practice:

  • Standing postures.


  • Make gentle fists with the hands and gently drumbeat them on the chest, just below the collar bones, while practicing the Ujjayi breath.

Element: Water (Jala)

Connections with the yoga philosophy:

  • Chackra: Svadisthana, Sacral, 2nd chackra.

  • Kosha: Pranamayakosha, the energy body.

  • Keywords: Fluidity, Movement, Adaptability.

How to connect:

  • Drink a glass of water slowly, with awareness, paying attention to how the water flows through the body.

  • Allow yourself some minutes of rest.

  • Do something that brings you joy.

Asanas to practice:

  • Hip openers, moon salutations.


  • Try the Ujjayi breath to feel the sound of ocean waves crashing along the shore.

Element: Fire (Tejas)

Connections with the yoga philosophy:

  • Chackra: Manipura, Solar Plexus, 3rd chackra.

  • Kosha: Manomayakosha, the mental body.

  • Keywords: Heat, Power, Transformation.

How to connect:

  • Go for a long walk in the nature.

  • Rub the hands and feel the heat between them.

  • Ingest healthy, nutritious warm food.

Asanas to practice:

  • Postures that encourage core strength, twists, and sun salutations.


  • Breath of fire.

Element: Air (Vayu)

Connections with the yoga philosophy:

  • Chackra: Anahata, Heart, 4th chakra.

  • Kosha: Vijnanamayakosha, the wisdom body.

  • Keywords: Lightness, Irregularity, Movement.

How to connect:

  • Look up and watch the clouds and stars in the sky.

  • Listen to the wind in the leaves of the trees.

  • Breathe deeply, feeling the air travel through the nostrils, the trachea, and the lungs.

Asanas to practice:

  • Postures that encourage opening the chest and bending the spine backwards.


  • Nadi breath, for deeper awareness of the relationship between the air, body, and mind.

Element: Space (Akasha) - to come!


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