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Hello, hej, olá!

My name is Natália and I am a yoga teacher based in Stockholm. I approach my classes with curiosity and creativity, guided by the teachings of yoga and inspired by my experience as a dancer.
Yoga has so much to offer to everyone. For me, it is all about freedom, joy, and self-exploration. Want to discover what yoga can do for you? Book your practice below! 


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"It was with Natália that I had my first experience with yoga, and it was an excellent experience. The class was made up of easier parts for beginners like me, which helped me a lot to slow down and understand body is doing with breathing exercises and stretching, and more challenging parts, which clearly strengthen your muscles and challenge your balance. Natália was an excellent instructor, always concerned about keeping in touch with everyone in the class for any necessary help or instruction. I will definitely be back for other classes!"

- Marcelo Aguiar

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"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about."
- Rumi

Dancing my way to yoga

A bit about me

I am from Brazil and have been living in Sweden since 2016. Shortly after moving to the other side of the ocean, I started practicing yoga at a studio close to where I lived. Initially, as a way to keep healthy during the dark, long Swedish winters. With the practice, I realized how loud my mind could be and how little I knew my body - which is interesting, given that I have been a dancer since a young age.

I remember in my first yoga classes wanting to do everything "right" so it "looked nice" for the teacher to approve, I guess, like in a ballet class - haha, it's funny saying it out loud. Eventually, I understood that yoga has little to do with right/wrong or beautiful/ugly ideas. Instead, it's about what is possible for me, here and now.


Sometimes, it means challenging myself a bit more. Other times, it means just taking it easy. Yoga opened my eyes to much more freedom, respect, and love toward myself. When practicing, I enjoy precious moments of peace, nourishing my body and mind with deeper awareness and acceptance. Also, dancing became more joyful!

After five years of regular practice, in 2023, I felt it was time to deepen my knowledge of yoga. I then took a Yoga Teacher Training here in Stockholm. It was a beautiful experience that opened a new world for me. Soon after, I started teaching classes in person and online. I'm still in the beginning - I feel like a forever student!  

I teach Hata yoga with breathwork, meditation, and sometimes flowy asana sequences to honor the dancer inside me. I strive to create a safe and relaxed space for exploration. You will be invited to get curious about your body and move it freely while cultivating stillness inside.

We will create it all together. I can't wait to see you there!





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